A FUN ENTERTAINING way for kids to participate in some good ol’ lighthearted family friendly repartee and storytelling. For a chance to be one of the storytellers the candidate must don the zaniest hat they can find or create that portrays a fun family friendly story from their life, their family’s or their Comunity’s. Next, they need to be prepared to share a one (1) minute elevator speech that tells about their hat, its relationship to their story and a “brief” sample of their story. Of course, assuming their hat and elevator speech are successful in convincing the host and audience that they want to know more, the candidate should have their eight (8) minute story ready to tell as well.

NOTE: Stories from the storyteller’s life, their family’s or their community’s are preferred.

With help from the audience, the Host will select five or six candidates, time permitting, to give their elevator speech. Then, from those five or six candidates, three will be selected to tell their eight (8) minute story. Remember, practice makes perfect and timing is everything, so, if their elevator speech or story exceeds the allotted time, the Host will, as tactfully as possible, stop that storyteller and move on to the next storyteller or part of the show.

NOTE: The stories and the storytellers language, appearance and demeanor should be appropriate for a conservative family audience.

The shows will be held over a single weekend. Elementary school aged students will participate Thursday Night, Middle School aged students Friday Night, High School aged students Saturday Afternoon and the winners from those three groups will perform one more time Saturday Night.

Each storyteller is responsible for obtaining and paying for any and all licenses and/or royalties necessary to perform, record, etc. their story. They also give Cache Storytelling LLC and its assigns permission, without further compensation, to record and reproduce their image and story in audio and/or visual format and to use it in its programing, promotional and/or marketing activities.

NOTE: Permission for minors must be provided in writing and in advance by their parent or legal guardian, in-order to participate.

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Please check back for more details often!