Join us for an intimate and entertaining evening in one of the most extraordinary venues in the country. Tall Tales, Short Stories and Scintillating Songs from some of the finest Story Artists and Musicians around caress your senses and fuel your imagination as they resonate from the ceilings, walls and floors of these unique structures.

There’s a roof (road) overhead, chairs are provided and the parks restrooms are generally open during the July event and even on occasion during the October event. But, there are no guarantees, so, we strongly recommend you plan accordingly. The tunnels are open at both ends and this is Cache Valley, so, once again it would behoove you to dress appropriately and come prepared for the prevailing temperatures and conditions.

Tunnel Tales is held twice a year, the last weekend of July and the last weekend of October. There’s always something to appeal to just about everyone.  And while it may not “always” be hilarious, the few times it isn’t will still engage your imagination, capture your heart and warm your innards.


NOTE: Our October stories focus on suspense not graphic violence. Never the less, they’re still not recommended for children under 8 years of age.



Mark Gollaher Tunnel Tales – Summer 2018


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Wayne McKay – Founder/Director of Cache Storytelling LLC will bring you more flashbacks from days of yore in good ol’ Cache Valley, Utah. He’s been a professional singer/storyteller and voice artist for more than 45 years. Wayne lives in beautiful Cache Valley with his sweetheart of 45 years, Katie. They are the proud parents and grandparents of 2 beautiful daughters, 2 great son-in-laws, 10 marvelous grandchildren, 2 fine grandson-in-laws and 1 precious great grandchild.




July  26th & 27th 2019


Logan’s Central Park Tunnels

200 East Center Street



(7 & Younger)

5:00pm – 6:00pm

(children must be accompanied by an adult)

– no infants please –


$4 per person


(up to 24 hrs. before the event)

$2 per person


(8 & Older)

7:00pm – 9:00pm

(children under 12 yrs of age must be accompanied by an adult)

– no infants please –


$10 per person


(up to 24 hrs. before the event)

$6 per person

Seating may be “limited,” but tickets won’t go on sale for the July 2019 TUNNEL TALES until the 1st of June 2019!